Board 20 April 2016

GENERAL PROSECUTOR OF THE SUPREME COUNT OF CASSATION Mehmet AKARCA   Mr. Mehmet Akarca was born in Siirt/Şirvan on 21.01.1963. He was graduated from Karşıyaka Havva Özişbakan High School and attended the Dokuz Eylül University Law Faculty. After graduating from the Law Faculty in 1986, he did his short term military service in Kütahya. Mr. Akarca, who entered the profession as a candidate judge in İzmir, successively served as a judge Uşak/Ulubey, Van/Gevaş, Aydın/Sultanhisar and as a president of the Sivas Heavy Penal Court and as a president of Kütahya and Karşıyaka Heavy Penal Court and Head of Judicial Commission at Kütahya and Karşıyaka. Mr. Akarca , who was elected on 18.01.2010 as a member of the Supreme Court of Cassation, was elected on 21.10.2013 as the President of the 14th Chamber of the Supreme Court of Cassation by the Grand Plenary Assembly of the Supreme Court. He was elected as the Chief Public Prosecutor at the Supreme Court of
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